Road sweepers brushes

Spazzole per spazzatrici stradali

We have the right type of brush for every sweeper

Roller broom, Side broom, ring or sector, side, central, front or rear; with wooden, steel, or plastic plate; with steel, synthetic or mixed synthetic / steel bristles. Aggressive or softer.
Ready in stock

Each road sweeper needs its own type of brush.

Therefore, we are able to supply the best brush for each brand of road sweeper and for each sweeping condition.

Our brushes are mounted on any type of road sweeper, from 1 cm up to 9 cm capacity.

We ship with the fastest and well-known international couriers who deliver our material every day in Italy and throughout Europe.


Our brushes are made of specific materials for each type of use.

We have specific brooms for jobs that require a high duty performance.

For normal duty we have brushes and brooms with mixed fiber or with a percentage of steel and one of plastic material (usually Polypropylene).

Side brushes

Steel fiber, wooden plate, or steel plate Mixed fiber plastic / steel fiber fiber wavy steel

Sweeping roller brooms

Full shape, with cusp design, plastic fiber, plastic / steel mixed fiber


Shaped rings, for sweeping buckets (BobCat), plastic fiber or in wavy steel.

Special Brushes

Mechanical Weeding

Applying a mechanical weeding brush to your sweeper can be beneficial when it comes to mechanically removing grass and weeds on asphalt and on urban surfaces in general.

Road Construction

To get the best results during asphalting operations, it is necessary to mount sweeping rollers that are able to better withstand the abrasion between the asphalt and the fibers.

Silent Sweeping

In contexts where it is necessary to try to limit the noise of the sweeping, it is possible to use brushes specially designed to significantly reduce the noise of the rubbing between the brush fiber and the asphalt.