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We are AEBI Schmidt dealer, we have in stock most of the spare parts related to all Schmidt road sweepers from 2cm up to 9cm.

We also have after market spare parts for sweepers from various manufacturers such as Bücher, Ravo, Dulevo, Johnston, Sicas, Hako, Azura, Scarab, Unieco, Tennant, MFH, Autobren, Nilfisk, ISAL and many other.


We supply spare parts from the major manufacturers of road sweepers

Pneumatic material

  • Cylinders
  • solenoid valves
  • fittings
  • flow / pressure regulators
  • Air treatment groups
  • Pneumatic springs

Hydraulic Material

  • brush / roller hydraulic motors
  • valves
  • cylinders
  • solenoids
  • Pumps
  • Oil temperature bulbs

Water plant material

  • Water pumps
  • Wetting nozzles

Electrical System Material

  • control units
  • control push-button panels
bocca aspirazione johnston vt650
stop swingo

Wear parts

  • Suction mouth rubbers
  • suction mouth gaskets
  • suction pipes
  • Suction mouth wheels
  • Filters for water, hydraulic oil, fuel
  • Mechanical parts
  • Bearings
  • Joints
  • Shock absorbers