Road sweepers rental

Why choose our rentals?

We offer both short and long-term road sweeper rental solutions, with full-service formula.

Our mission is to provide a rental service with a transparent fee where the customer receives a package of global services (assistance included) that include all costs related to the operation of the rented vehicle.

Our expertise

We have been renting sweepers since 2006 and the knowledge gained in this area allows us to be reliable partners and to respond to the specific needs of each customer.​


Get advice on issues concerning urban sweeping solutions.

Furthermore, providing advice means carrying out sweeping tests with you to find the best solution together.

Gamma Disponibile

Abbiamo le tipologie di macchina che coprono la maggior parte delle esigenze di igiene ambientale in ambito urbano ed industriale.

Spazzatrici aspiranti di tutta la gamma Aebi Schmidt oppure aspiranti ad azione meccanica combinata Comac, tutte con capacità da 1.5mc a 6mc.

Schmidt Cleango 500 Riparazione
cleango 500 - LED 2

Fixed costs and a transparent contract

Benefiting from a rental fee including full-service maintenance is an advantage because it allows you to keep the operating costs of your fleet under control and always have efficient vehicles.

The contract, stipulated according to the needs of each customer, clarifies every aspect related to the provision of the rental service: from insurance to intervention times, up to staff training and delivery of all documentation for registration.

Assistenza spazzatrici

Assistance, always.

To solve faults more quickly and reduce machine downtime, the maintenance of our sweepers is entrusted to competent personnel trained directly by the manufacturers.

For assistance even remotely, we equip our machines with a control unit for detecting the position (GPS) and the operating and error values so as to be constantly informed about the status of the sweeper.