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Disinfect instead of clean. Does that work?

In the past days, some cities have decided to disinfect so-called “hot spots” such as bus stops in the fight against COVID-19. Under what conditions and with what risks in terms of material compatibility can disinfectants be used in a

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eSwingo 200+ convinces Dutch customers

Schmidt has launched its fully electric, emission-free and quiet sweeper as well in the Netherlands. Over the past few weeks, on the occasion of many demonstration events, existing and interested customers have been able to get their own impression of

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eSwingo 200+ improves performance also at airports

Düsseldorf Airport tested the fully electric eSwingo 200+ for around a week. Thanks to the positive results, there are now plans to purchase a machine. The airport wrote in its press release: «Electric Mobility is an important element in Düsseldorf

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